Monday, September 15, 2014



Oh my, this space has been neglected~maybe that could be a listicle all on it's own...10 reasons why I haven't been here. I've written & deleted at least 50 times (and still writing & deleting) a way to even begin...again.
 Stasha over at Northwestmommy had the perfect solution for me to ease back into the blogging world...
10 hashtags to describe myself.
Lots to share, over the next few weeks.
 But for now, my list in no particular order:
1. #ilovereadinghastags
2. #ivediscovereddarkchocolateseasaltcaramelsandineedhelp
3. #i'vefalleninlovewithblackoutpoetry
4. #iphoneeditingisaddicting
5. #letmegooglethat
6.# ilovemyjob
7. #i'vemissedyouallbutgladiseeyouonIG
8. #ican'twaitforGATHERCALIFORNIAwithKimKlassen
9. #it'shotterthanhellhere
10. #ilovecollectingbitsandpieces@vintagefairs

Well now, that was easy & I won't be gone for THAT long anytime soon. I'll be doing some catching up over the next few weeks here and over in your little corner of the blogging world. Thanks for popping in today. I always appreciate you and your time.

Happy (child's play) snapping!


  1. I love your hashtags! I need to send you some Fran's dark chocolate Carmels. She is local to Seattle and her Carmel's are TO DIE FOR! I too am on pins and needles to learn more about Kim's Gather event. I want to see you in person and give you a big hug! Welcome back to the blogosphere!

    1. I wouldn't say no if you brought some of Fran's goodies to GC!! Hee hee. I'm going no matter what! Can't wait to meet you Carol! (Hugs)

  2. Those are some long and fun hashtags to read. It's interesting to see how many people mention Google in their included.

  3. #smilinghere #missedyou #gurlusogood #wink

  4. many of your hashtags I can relate to...addictedtodarkchocolatecarmelseasalt...anxiousaboutGATHERdetails...collectingvintagebitsand pieces...

  5. #letmeGooglethat....#icanrelate :)

  6. Welcome back, I have missed you! Thank goodness for IG so I can still see what is going on in your life. Can't wait to hear more of what is going on with you. You will love Gather California, have a great time at it.

  7. #hashtagscrackmeup #iloveyourlist #yestoblackoutpoetry

  8. Loved reading your hashtags, Kelly! :-)
    Been wondering where you've been.
    Glad all is okay.

  9. I l#lovereadinghashtagstoo and #2 (rocky mountain choc. factory - oh yes). Well, I was gone all summer too, glad I didn't miss anything here. It's #hotheretoo and #fromalltherain it's now #mosquitohell! :)

  10. I have been in a blogging funk myself. #butwecangetthroughthistogether xo

  11. Bet we hotter than you. Unless you live here, then, it's the same. LOL #endlesssummerheatsucks

  12. Welcome back! And I have to admit that hashtags are a completely new world to me! But I love yours...

  13. Now I have to know what blackout poetry is!!!!! I know the blog blahs well - been there, wrote a post (or three) about it!

  14. Oh whoopeee you are back. I have so missed seeing and reading your blog. #hopeyoustickaround!!


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