Saturday, November 24, 2012

the problem is...

...i'm outta free space
I can't even upload a photo to go along with this post. I went back & deleted older entries thinking that would ease the congestion of the virtual storage space~but that didn't help. It's not about the $2.49 I'll be charged a month for 25GB of storage-it's about time and energy I have to keep going here. 
Not that I don't love having you all stop by...
Ok...IG might have something to do with it-I mean can you blame me? The iphone has taken the burden off when and where you can shoot & edit. I know iphone-ography could never replace what DSLR's can do-but I have some serious things to consider...
*Matilda-I know I need to send my 60D back to Canon. I'm so discouraged when I download my pics to the computer and I am not getting the images I expect this camera to put out. There are focus malfunctions that just take the fun out of photography. I know it's pricey to send it back to the factory-so I'm considering the cost.

*I'm at that weird place (again) of what do I really want to do with photography. 
  Any creative ideas are being buried, smothered & generally put on the back burner to simmer because work, time, energy, holidays, procrastination & whatever else I can think up.
I'm always in a vicious circle, like a dog chasing it's tail
round and round and round...
 It sort of comes back to the issues mentioned above...either that of I must have a serious lack of whatever it is necessary to make everything that needs to be done vs. everything I want to do come to fruition. 

So, there you have it...
a conundrum

what to do...
what to do...

Happy (problem solving) snapping


  1. I always feel like I have to have a purpose....I hate that

  2. Kelly - I am so in love with the IG community I don't know that I would pay for storage space if I had to in order to continue my blog. So far, I'm no where near being out of space because my iphoneography blog is so new. I love my iPhone because there's not as much to think about when you're shooting - it's more about the editing and that's the part I really enjoy. I will still see your fabulous work on IG so I won't miss out as much as those who only follow you here.

  3. I've been in the same boat for quite some time, Kelly. I haven't been blogging.....and I haven't been Instagram-ing. I just need to melt down and take a good look at what I really want for and from myself. I haven't gotten into iphoneography as much as you ... mostly because I really don't like how the photos look when brought on the big screen. Too much noise! Although, they do look GREAT on the iphone :-D Anyway, I'd miss your blogging if you stopped ... I check in everyday to see if you've posted. But ya gotta do what ya gotta will discover what it is that you want. Don't rush it. Love ya ♥

  4. Well, first thing is you NEED to send that 60D back, you don't pay that much money for it not to meet your expectations. Second, maybe you need to take a break from blogging since IG seems to have taken over. I really (hate) strong word that IG is taking over....I have spent too much money on cameras & lenses, & taking classes etc to give this up...I just don't think you get the same quality, altho you seem to produce some really gorgeous images on IG. Again, it is the world we live in, I want it, and I want it now. I think phoneography has its place, I am just afraid it has taken over. Just my 2 cents!!

  5. I vote with Deanna and concur with Aug. You have such a talent, so I do hope you do not throw in the towel - but perhaps a little retreat. and what the crap - out of space (yikes!)!!!

  6. It is hard to have several things going at once. For me, I need to have my blog because it's about writing as much as photography, and I love the written word. I love visiting all of you great photographers, and I like to see what you have to say, too. (I'm not helping, am I?) I totally get what you're saying though. Time is so limited. IG is great because it's quick. You don't have to go sit in front of a computer to be creative or to say hi to people. I like both in moderation.... Even if it does cost a few bucks a month.

  7. coincidentally, i just ran out of space too! so, i will be researching how to delete some things in order to make room for more....i have been needing to delete and organize my photos for a while now. sorry your new camera is dissappointing...i often feel like i can not take a decent picture. i sure hope you don't quit blogging.

  8. I think this is a conspiracy...I ran out of space last night!!!!!!! I caved and am now paying the $2.49/month. I totally love my James Dean and all that goes along with it...I'm not ready to to go the IG route totally. But that is a personal choice. And i have to say I DO love seeing you on IG and what you are up to. But I WOULD miss ya here in blogland. IG photos are great and serve a purpose, but to ME...they just aren't in the same category as my "big girl" camera. Different strokes for everyone. Good to have choices :)

  9. Hmmm, so glad that I logged on to blogger just now, saw your other post that brought me here, just to find out that everyone is running out of space? What?!! I can say that I WILL have to pay the $2.49/month because I have a lot to say! haha And my blog really is just as much if not more about words, and communication and life and the figuring out and sharing of it, with pictures!! My blog is really more for me, but I'm so glad that others want to join's a place where I can think out loud about the meaning of things and something I want to put in a book for my kids to have later....and when I write something meaningful (at least to me) I have to remind myself that it IS for me, an outlet, and when someone bypasses the words and only sees photos, that I have to be okay with that too. But....there are days when I wonder if all the energy I put into what I write and the photos is worth it...and I wonder if anyone would notice that I was no longer doing it. Because just as much as I say it is for me, it is about the connecting. Don't we all want to feel connected?

    And when it comes to IG, I love it, I love being able to share a spontaneous moment of beauty. I like the freedom of it. It will never replace my big girl camera, but they compliment each other in what they can do. And, I think that both of them are artistic. Oh I should probably stop rambling now... ; )

  10. hi kelly. popping in here to say hi. i actually got to "know" you through IG and so totally loved following along on your journey with the monarchs.

    i've been with IG for a while now and i really love it for it's fun simplicity. snap a pic with my phone, add a filter, share, and you're done. easy peasy. the seemingly ONE thing about my life that is easy. LOL :)

    i love my big-girl camera. LOVE, LOVE. will always LOVE. my journey with photography was the thing that saved me from a full-on, empty-nest, mid-life crisis, meltdown. hehe for me there is no substitute for the creative expression that it provides.

    like a lot of people i have a blog so that i can give my creations wings so to speak. but my blog is so much more than just pictures. it's a my sacred little space on the interwebs and i've found that it's incredibly therapeutic for me.

    i'm glad you decided to stick around because i absolutely believe that the world at large is a better place because of lovely souls like yourself who share such joy and wonder and the miracle of nature.



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