Thursday, November 15, 2012


...i am here

I think sometimes we mom's get so caught up taking the pictures and being behind the camera, that we forget us! I want my kids to always remember me as a smiling, happy, go-lucky woman that loved them and the life she lived!
i am here
Happy (selfie) shooting!


  1. So very true. I see pictures of my kids when they were little and it's like they were motherless.

  2. you are so beautiful AND you have raised monarch butterflies!!! amazing, i tell ya...INSPIRING too! i vacationed at the gulf of mexico once, at the end of october, and about every 30 seconds a butterfly would fly in front of us from left to right, which was east to west (whilst sitting at the beach or on the balcony of our condo)...we figured they were migrating to mexico and new to turn west when they got to the gulf! amazing really.

  3. oddly, I've become less anti-me in a picture for the very reason that I want my children and eventually their children to be able to visually see who I was and not just the pictures I took.

    Very nice selfie!

  4. Yep, us moms are usually invisible in the photo albums and scrapbooks! I love your selfie.... and I love that you want your family to remember you smiling and loving the life you live.

  5. ......and so glad to know you! ♥

  6. What a beautiful photo! I rarely show up in pictures too :)


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