Monday, November 26, 2012



I've decided to play over at Stasha's
She is so fun, has the cutest little J, Big Max & visiting friend.
Today we are sharing 10 i-phone photos...

*What I'm reading...
...Amazing book btw

...I LOVE beads in fall decorations

*I dream of Frankie & I visiting Paris I drew this

*Sugar-free cream puffs I made for my MIL on Thanksgiving

*The "real" cream puffs I made for Frankie the day after Thanksgiving!

*My last, sweet critter, aka "the mystery critter" before morphing into it's chrysalis
*Mystery critter cause we don't know if it's a male or female!

*The mystery critter today...see the wings forming!!??
*It will emerge in the coming days!

*Remember 2 days ago when I was grumpy?
*This is why I LOVE selfies!

Danbo wanted to watch this beauty emerge.

The last little lady I let go the day before Thanksgiving!
Isn't she purty?

And there you have it...10 photos from my i-phone.
Now...I have to go read or cyber shopping or...I another piece of pumpkin pie!
Happy(whatever makes you happy) snapping!!


  1. your iPhone pics totally rock! my iPhone pictures leave a lot to be desired, perhaps I should practice more.

  2. Wow! Those photos are amazing. I must admit, the cream puffs especially hit a sweet spot with me, at nearly 36 weeks pregnant!

  3. Love your photos! I used to catch monarch caterpillars and hatch them when I was a kid. Such good memories!

  4. I am not sure which I love more, the cream puffs, your selfie, the beautiful butterfly, oh my. How fun, these all are and I too dream of going to Paris, not with Frankie tho.

  5. The butterfly pictures took my breath away. Amazing. Erin

  6. You look sexy when grumpy! Love your drawings, cannot wait to see your Paris photos in the (not to distant I hope) future!!


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