Sunday, October 4, 2015

Blogging Bits... promt 

My blogging journey has been a bit erratic lately but I miss being here when I step away. So when Barb over at KeepingWithTheTimes  created a free mini-series on blogging that is "designed to help motivate and inspire"~ I jumped on board.

 Our first prompt is to write a post on the story behind our blog. 
I started blogging in June of 2011. Just A Click Away was formed after unplugging for months from everything internet and photography related. I had allowed myself to get sucked into the fantasy side of the world wide web and became what everybody wanted me to be to the point I was anything but authentic. It was a dark time that I am not proud of but it is part of my journey & how I got to the place I am in now.
I unplugged, regrouped and started fresh with much trepidation.
The only thing I knew for certain was I wanted to share my passion for photography but needed a different platform that would work for me.
I slowly started finding photographer's blogs that offered prompts and link ups.
It felt good to shoot again.
 Pretty soon names became familiar & I felt a sense of community forming.

The name of my blog just sort of came about. The words spoke to me with no fancy fanfare. However, my tag line "where the little things make up the big picture" does represent my point of view. 
(No pun intended!) 
As I was detoxing and forcing myself to slow down, I really started to pay attention to the details in everything I did. The ordinary became extraordinary. Pretty soon all my senses were being used which  unconsciously guided me to be more open to receive these gifts I had overlooked for so long. There  really was so much more than the BIG picture...literally and figuratively! I wanted to be sure I captured those tiny moments. Those words stuck and have been my mantra ever since.

Life is forging ahead...and with it comes change. With change comes new opportunities. New opportunities need an open mind and willing heart. My journey is unique onto myself. I will be mindful not to compare my tiny space to others just as their journey is unique onto themselves. Whatever happens I am here to stay for whoever is interested &
 I'm glad you're here as part my blogging journey.

Happy (find your space) snapping!


  1. Oh my Kelly ... this is giving me goosebumps and making me teary. I have always admired your candid style of writing (as you know) and you are absolutely right in saying that this space is yours and you don't need to impress ... but I am so impressed :) ... I adore your images today - love the textures and tranquil feeling. xo

  2. Dear Kelly, I love the way you express your thoughts and feelings. I love to visit your blog and to look at your wonderful pictures.

  3. You are a case in point that the greatest value we are to others is to be ourselves. It is so easy to get sucked into someone else's' photography journey and lose yourself in the process. (one of the reasons I have not revisited joining a photography board) You have an amazing eye, an inspiring portfolio, and an easy rapport to follow and enjoy. Always be yourself, as they say "everyone else is taken" (and being you is good enough).

  4. It's amazing how much of this I can relate to! So glad to see you back here in blogland. You've been missed. Going to check out Barb's mini series now, thanks for the heads up :)

  5. Beautiful pictures, your props are awesome, love the crackly background. I enjoyed hearing the 'background' story of your blog. I almost didn't come back to my blog after my very long summer blog break. Since being back I haven't done any link ups and it has been so much more relaxing. I have enjoyed only one post a week. It is more for me.

  6. So good Kelly! Authenticity is the key... Thank you for being candid and wholly you. You are an amazing photographer and I always find you and all your work inspiring.

  7. Love to read your "story" to blogging and being authentic ... Internet opens a wide world and is a wonderful way of connecting and learning - yrt it's good to have break every now and then (for me as well) not to get sucked into a limbo of too much learning and being inspired - it can be stresfull to sign for too many courses (speaking of experience) ... so I'm also in for Unplugged seasons :)


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