Monday, October 12, 2015

Coming... terms

Is it just me that can fall head over heels in love with great finds?

This beauty came to me by pure coincidence & as the day progressed certain memories will just be attached to her home coming.
 I was on my way to do some errands when I started noticing estate sale signs. Not being too far out of my way I followed them to the house. The second room I walked into had 2 tables of the most beautiful vintage camera collection I'd seen assembled in one place. The owner had quite an eye for beauty. I quickly scooped up the one that stood out~checking off one teal camera on my mental wish list of props & cameras I want to own. I spent time admiring all the cameras but decided this was it. The price tag said $20~a price I would have easily paid if I wasn't  personally working on negotiating skills. (something that makes me cringe) Another woman, overheard me ask the estate agent  if the prices were fixed and she directed me over to man who'd know. The woman and I walked over to the man, I asked if the prices were fixed. He asked how many I was buying."Just the one" the woman & I said in unison. The agent blurted 2 for $30 motioning at both of our cameras. The woman & both looked at each other  with just a moment to assess each other as possible allies looked back at the agent and we blurted out "SOLD!"

We worked out our money and off I went. I never did get my errands done! Nope, I was already thinking about the photos I wanted to take with the fading late afternoon light.

I carefully picked and placed pictures of my dad from a box of photos my grandmother had given me & started snapping. How young he was to be a first time dad. His whole life in front of him.
 My brother called in the middle of this delivering the news I'd been dreading for 2 years. Dad was being released from the hospital in a few days and that hospice would be getting involved. 
It is hard to write this as those words echo in my head. 
I was done shooting for the day, left everything in its place and cried. 
The next morning, I looked at my set up. Something inside me sparked. I went and picked fresh bougainvillea, and started shooting. To some the sad news attached to an object would be a bad omen. But to me? 

To me this little charmer is a beautiful token and reminder of how much I my love my Dad & for the little gifts of the heart he has unwittingly bestowed upon me. 
 For one...his love of photography.

Happy (memories) snapping


  1. What a GREAT find and your negotiating skills surfaced at just the right time. I am sorry to hear that your Dad is entering those last stages, My sweetie is still hanging on, in good health but nothing else. Blessings for you and your Dad and all those wonderful hospice care workers.

  2. Such a beautiful find Kelly, and equally beautiful photos you took of your arrangements. Sending {{hugs}} to you on hearing this news about your dad xoxo

  3. Perfect timing for everything involved in this layout and what is in your heart.

  4. That is one cute find, I am not sure I have ever seen one in person, and now it has a special place in your heart and home. My heart goes out to you today...

  5. This camera is so cute and pretty! I've never seen one, but I'm glad it caught your eye and the price was right. The story here is so precious, and I love how you set up photos of your dad...only I'm sad to hear the news. Hugs to you Kelly!!

  6. Such a lovely find, Kelly ... I'm sorry to hear about your dad - Your love for him shines through your lines and words - and from your photos! I wish you strength for each day, and glimpses of joy and oceans of love,
    Nina xxx

  7. What a lovely post, Kelly! I do know how you feel, as my own Dad is currently in hospice care now, too, at 90 1/2 years old. You have presented such a wonderful tribute to your Dad by the display of those old black and white photographs with that bitchin' new/old find of yours. This is very special. Something I never shared with you, is I have a collection of old cameras from my Dad, including an old 8 mm movie camera with projector. I recently had some of the film transferred to DVD to preserve. I do not however, have a pretty little blue/green Savoy in my collection. AB FAB, find for sure. You have inspired me to drag them all out to display, and if I can locate some of my own black and white photos, I am so going to copy this post in tribute to my own old Dad. Today I am grateful to you! With much Aloha, Friend.

  8. Such a sweet post. I completely understand. I lost my father unexpectedly a few years ago and was totally devastated. One day, while out running errands, I stumbled across a little handmade goods store and found a coffee mug that resembled one he had when I was a kid. I fell to pieces in the store, but left with a mug and a new friend {the store owner}.

    This camera is absolutely lovely. The softness of the photos and the colors are so nostalgic and peaceful.

    Sending up love and prayers.


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