Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On a wing...

...and a prayer
By definition-"with only the slightest chance of success."
That about sums up my Monarch season and Monarchs in general. The mama Monarch who laid her eggs this summer had been infected with the OE parasite and transmitted the spores to her offspring. While she is busy fluttering around the milkweed and laying her eggs, she unwittingly scatters the spores that lay in wait between her scales. Thus infecting the caterpillar that eats the leaves and die a terrible death. I stopped counting the dead. 

...four survived~3 males and a female. The odds that Monarchs survive at all is truly a miracle in its own right.

Everyday, sometimes twice, I go "aphid squishing" with my trusty squirt bottle to rid the milkweed of these parasites that suck the life out of the host plant. It's a labor of love for these delicate creatures that I've come to have a one way connection with. On a recent aphid squash, I discovered 5 critters. I don't even have cautious optimism for these little ones...but I always hope that they've arrived at a good time of year when their chances of survivor are slightly higher. 
I'll keep you posted.

Happy (nature loving) snapping!


  1. Such incredible beautiful and delicate creatures. I keep my fingers crossed that the 5 critters will grow strong and beautiful.

  2. I admire your devotion to helping promote the survival of these beautiful creatures. Hoping you are pleasantly surprised with a good survival rate among the remaining Monarchs.

  3. Monarchs are so beautiful. I haven't seen one in Ohio for years, maybe (hopefully) I have been looking in the wrong places. I hope your little guys have a long life ahead of them.

  4. You are doing the world an incredible favour by caring for these precious and threatened creatures ... thank goodness for people like you!

  5. Hi Kelly...thank you for visiting...I'll add your blog to my list now. Oh it makes me sad that the most beautiful creatures on earth are threatened! We did see two or three monarchs this summer which is a rarity.


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