Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This and...


It's a ridiculously blustery day...
And I shot this for no other reason than I'm a sucker for tree bokeh!

This is a Phoebe. She's been hanging out between me & my next door neighbor, Sharon.
Phoebe loves crickets!

I have a new batch of "critters." Seven in all. Three are already in a chrysalis state, One crawled up to the top of the enclosure just this morning. Two are just about ready to pop and make their way to the top as well. The last one has about 10 days or so before he makes his way to the top. And much to Frankie's relief, the milkweed out side is free of eggs! We built a smaller indoor inclosure to house the critters safely & is sitting in my living room. 

I'm just chillin' for the next five days before school/work resume.
Not sure if I'm ready or not...
Happy (nature) Snapping!


  1. Oh goody, you are going to be a Mom again!! And little Phoebe is so sweet!!

  2. Wow...more Monarchs??!!?? U R the Monarch Whisperer :)

  3. How exciting - more butterflies. I love the pristine cream feathers on Phoebe - pretty little thing isn't she!

    ps - my son would be so jealous that you have 5 more days (as he is getting ready to return back to school today)

  4. Yay...more butterflies! And chilling is good...enjoy these next few quiet days!

  5. The bokeh is so pretty! And more butterflies! I know you're happy about that. Enjoy the last of your holiday. Mine ended today.


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