Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bucket o'...
I swear, I spent more time on the dang title than I care to share & I'm still not diggin' it...
...I DO want to share something I scored at a Vintage Faire I go to once a month.

*They make me swoon! The guy selling these said they were Japanese berry buckets from the turn of the century. Frankly, I couldn't tell you if they really are that old or not. In Kelly-land...they are-because I'm a dreamer!
And for $10 bucks a pop...I was NOT going to argue with him! 
He had me here...

...and here...

Oh for the love of textures...

*There were lots of other people that seemed to love them too because I was stopped half a dozen times so other hunters could swoon at them too!

The antique faire is every 4th Sunday & you can bet my calendar is marked for Jan. 27th! I'm always on the lookout for a turn of the century typewriter and this time I'm hunting for French magazines, books and postcards. I'm a tad obsessed fascinated with anything French at the moment. 

One of my Hanukkah presents from Frankie (swoon!)
These events are fun because people are actually chatting & laughing face to face-like old times-before cell phones. I am always thrown back to my childhood by items I remember having as's a natural trip down memory lane. 
I'm still thinking about a better title... :-)
Happy (Paris) Snapping!


  1. that is one fine looking bucket....I love going to fairs & flea markets...they are just so fun, no telling what you can find!!

  2. Oh wow...seriously??!!??? $10 freakin dollars a piece! I'd buy a BUSHEL of BUCKETS! :)

  3. Dang! I wish we had fairs like that around here!!!!!! I'm sooooo jealous!!! What wonderful buckets! I'm lovin' them! Great shots! Love ya ♥

  4. Oh the endless uses of those wonderful 'antique' 'vintage' buckets. I haven't ventured to the local flea market in years and keep meaning to explore a section of town that houses several antique stores (if only once my husband could resist pointing out it is in a BAD section of town... and he wouldn't go by himself ... and he would never take a valuable camera ... and .... and...).

    French is always interesting and such a fun theme. Searching in the attic recently I came across 'stuff' I brought back from Paris when I went as a teenager. Eventually I'll go through it all, and perhaps snap some pictures and post them. Noticed a map at first glance - how fun!

  5. I DO love those buckets. The hardware is beautiful.... I believe the guy, totally. We have a few places to rummage around for treasures but nothing, it seems, like your Vintage Faire. Sounds like a great way to spend a day.


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