Tuesday, October 2, 2012



*Went to a local farm stand this past weekend (photos to come...I've got 31 days to cover!) and it's so fun to find love in nature.  I think it's a sign for us to slow down, take in the sights & enjoy the little things. The big stuff is always gonna be there, so Nature gives us small gifts. If you make the time, to look, it's there...
Happy (nature) Snapping!

for Texture Tuesday "free and easy" e-dition
I've used Kim's "Little Things" texture
Cause I do love the little things in life!


  1. Boy oh boy...that white is just sublime!

  2. Sigh, yes the white is so wonderful! And, boy did I get all kinds of gifts from nature in the last two days! xo

  3. Love the white pumpkins....they impose a gentle feeling.

  4. Your white pumpkins are so pretty. I haven't bought any yet, but now I'm thinking it's time. (Would love for you to go antiquing with me, too!)

  5. Oh, what startling white pumpkins!

    They're lovely!

  6. I love this shot!!! And white pumpkins are my favorite!

  7. Here I am, thinking, where have I been that I have never seen a white pumpkin?! Don't know that I even knew they existed, and then, here you go making them look exquisite and sublime and I must get myself out to somewhere to see white pumpkins!!!



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