Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do it...

...for the "girls"

*Do it for you
Do it for your husband
Do it for your kids
Do it for your pets
Do it for your friends
Do it for your women everywhere
 I was really mad at myself several years back because I wanted to make a statement, a really BOLD statement about taking care of the girls. I mean, I have a camera, have a voice, had a public forum...but I was new to self portraits & sending out the message I envisioned was WAY outta my comfort zone! In the mean time, a year & 1/2  had passed, I had finished a 365 self portrait journey and felt I was ready. At the time, I chatted up my idea with Frankie, made him part of the process, and this is what I came up with. I was and still am very proud of this shot, (the technical issues aside!) But it's the message I want to get across LOUD & CLEAR!
As a matter of fact, I have a squishy date with my girls today~ 
Hence the post!
 SO stop being busy and just take care of them girlies! 
you can go out for ice cream afterwards...
& be satisfied knowing you've done something good,
THAT  matters

Happy (squishy) Snapping!


  1. Gotta make my appointment ... thanks for the reminder! ♥

  2. Beautiful shot Kelly. I have my appointment reminder on my desk - I will make it!!! Thanks GF!

  3. Brilliant photo, brilliant statement.

  4. Do it every year without fail after having 2 scares. Bravo for your bravery and a wonderful reminder to take care of our girls.

  5. Your photo is gorgeous and what a meaningful purpose behind it. I've let check-ups go at times, but I'll make an appointment for sometime soon thanks to your post.


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