Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Diamond are a girls best friend...

...but nuts are always welcomed!

*These acorns might as well be diamonds. Frankie was in a park, under The Arch in St. Louis a few days ago & picked these up and schleped them all the way home for me. All because he knows how much I adore fall and anything that screams Autumn.

I get giddy over the silliest things!

* These acorns are real beauties & I can't help but smile that Frankie is always thinking about what would me happy. I love that about him!
Happy Fall Snapping!


  1. These are beautiful specimens - how sweet he picked them up for you. Lovely shots too!

  2. Love that . . . but nuts are always welcomed! haha Yes there is something about acorns isn't there?!

  3. Wow! What a sweet guy .... those acorns are awesome!!
    Hey, lovin' your new signature font ... what is it????

  4. I love that about your husband...he must think of you all the time and love you tons to gather those acorns and bring them home to you. This makes my heart happy!!

  5. Love that your hubs did that for you. Just wondering what the security agent at the gate was thinking tho :)


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