Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's official...

...fall is here
 According to what I read in the morning paper, Fall rolled in at 7:49 a.m. I feel like celebrating! 

*Actually, even though it's suppose to hit the 90's, right now it's overcast, that cool kind of humidity that's really not so bad. My doors are open & any time that AC is not running is a good thing!
So Fall in SO Cal is really different than Fall anywhere East of here! Notice anything "unusual" about the photo above?
How 'bout the photo below?

* Well if you guessed the fake fall leaves and the green trees, you'd be right! That's what it's like here. Sad but true. We have to make the best of it!

*I NEVER tire of Autumn hues and tones. They are calm, soothing and peaceful to me. It makes me giddy to think of soups and stews and baking again.
 I'm all over Fall Y'all!
Danbo is too.

*Happy (Fall) Snapping!


  1. always love seeing your smiling face...happy fall to you as the pics of you holding the basket full of "fake" leaves. Sure look real to me!!

  2. You're funny. My brother-in-law lives in California and says he misses the seasons most of all. And homemade cornbread. I don't think cornmeal is easy to find out there. Love that you have created your own little fall! I'll be waiting a while still for the leaves to turn, but when they do, it will be pretty.

    Happy fall!

  3. Fake or not, the leaves are beautiful as is fall! My favorite time of the year!!

  4. You matter WHERE we live we have to create SOMETHING or other. Me? I usually create that I'm living in SoCal when it hits January here :)

  5. I love this...and how you are making your seasons! It's all a state of mind. Happy fall! Xo

  6. Don't worry Kelly, you are not alone in the faux fall leaves - IF we get any color it won't happen til November/December! haha

    I adore that last photo of you holding that bucket of leaves!! xo

  7. Adorable self-portraits and even though we do have colorful Autumn leaves, I still resort to fake for decoration. I too love Fall colors and am shocked that it is almost the end of September and I have only put out 2 pumpkins.


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