Wednesday, May 2, 2012



*Latin for "solid earth"*
This week for NOW YOU we're exploring roots & wings.
 I have roots & am very firmly planted on solid earth where I know it is safe. I mentioned in a previous post that I have a very curious nature but I've never been a risk taker-I don't like the unknown. I  am that person that will go through every possible scenario before I even think about leaping. I know I will not reap rewards with out risk but I also know I won't suffer consequences. If something is THAT important, I will go for it. I'm even ok if I fail-Failing is not a sign a weakness but of strength in trying. I'm completely content feeling the earth under me. It's strong and doesn't give way.
 Standing firm like a foundation for all the rest that is to come.
Happy Snapping


  1. Love love love your post description with this photo ..... I am a "roots" person, too!
    I need to take this week's "NOW YOU" shot......see ya later!

  2. Oh I do love this post, and I am in total agreement with you on your roots...I am not much of a risk taker, maybe that comes with age, I need to feel in-control altho rarely am in in that spot. Lovely images of the garden & water...!!

  3. It's funny, but when I think about it I think I am a bit of BOTH. I do love taking risks in some aspects of my life...but also like to be in control. I think to sum it up...I like to be in control of when I take risks! :)

  4. Ha hah! Kathy couldn't have said it better! I like being in control when I'm taking risks as well. LOL! That is brilliant! :)

    Nice toes, by the way...



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