Thursday, May 10, 2012

I wrote 2 love notes... to my husband,
The Love of My Life to myself for Now You

Seriously, when's the last time you loved on yourself...even a little?
I bet it's been a long time...go on...I triple dog dare you to write yourself a love note...and share....oooooooh
Happy Snapping!
I added a linky thingy...not sure if it's working. If you can't add your photo, please let me know. If I see your lovin', I know I did it right!


  1. Hello beautiful indeed , I'll travel to the moon for you any day your loving husband. Thank you-great shot.

  2. Ooooooo... You "triple dog dare" me???

    Damn... I'm gonna have to now!

    Ain't no one triple dog daring me and getting away with it. LOL...

    Happy Friday to you, gorgeous!



    Your husband is so sweet. :)

  3. First, how dang sweet of Frankie to comment on your post! OMG!!!! Ain't love grand?????
    Second, you certainly are beautiful .... inside and out .... Mwah!

  4. Love this . Met you on NowYou. How do you do? Have a gareat day!

  5. I'm glad this showed up on the "you might also like" - how did I miss these gorgeous photos. Beautiful!


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