Thursday, May 17, 2012

Over the moon...

...with happiness
Home from the Middle East
It happened like this...
*Got home from work Monday @ 1:30-
*Got a text from Justin saying he'll be in New Mexico Tuesday @ noon
*Frankie whipped out his pc to check availability on flts (we fly stand by)
*Frankie- "YOU HAVE TO GO NOW"
*Frankie-"You have to go now to catch a 4:30 flt or you will miss his homecoming."
*Me-packed a suitcase in under 4 minutes (made sure I AT LEAST had eye liner & clean undies) everything else was suitcase surprise-You have to know me to understand what a break through this was! 
Made it from the valley to LAX and to my gate in an hour!
It was like the Red Sea had Parted JUST for me. ANYBODYwho knows the 405 KNOWS what a slight miracle this was. Frankie and Austin came in on a Southwest flt 30 minutes after me.
I gave my Frankie my camera and he snapped away!
Here's proof that everyday miracles DO happen!
I feel like I'm so behind on everything but will play catch up this weekend!
Happy Snapping!


  1. *Sigh* What a beautiful shot!!!!! The emotions come through loud and clear!
    What a handsome kid!
    Mwah! Breath easy now .... he's HOME!!!!

  2. Oh how I know this blessed relief! Been through it three times. So glad he's home. Wonderful shots

  3. Oh my gosh...I am sooooooo happy for you!!!! I think I would have forgotten my undies, but not the liner :)

  4. Oh Kelly, I am so happy for you! And I'm so happy your sweet boy is safe and back in the arms of his mom again! And HOME. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news! I want to cry. LOL... Well, I do. The photo of the two of you embracing is so touching.

    On another note, I DO know the 405. @$%^&*(*)*&^%#$@@!@! ... and furthermore #$%^&* @!#$%&!

    The Red Sea parted for you my dear, that's for sure.

    Enjoy your son being home again, as I know you will sweet girl. XOXO

  5. This photo is the definition of 'A picture is worth a thousand words'.
    So happy for you all.
    God Bless...

  6. Oh Kelly, this is LOVE very, very special for you. Your son is is so handsome and loves his Momma alot!! Thank you God for bringing him home safely!!

  7. I love this shot...and you can feel the emotion so clearly! So happy for you all!

  8. What a great sweet photo! Gave me a tear. So happy for you and for him - here is hoping he is home for good. Visited you from Kim's beyond.

  9. wonderful image of a long for home coming. thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.
    Admired in Beyond Layers.

  10. I love your photography but I have to say Frankie did a wonderful job of catching the emotion of the reunion! So happy the homecoming was a success! I can't believe you got from the valley to your gate through the nightmarish 405 in an hour! The angels were certainly with you. A happy, happy day indeed! ♥

  11. Wow! What a beautiful post. Very touching!


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