Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(Texture Tuesday)The Number Two eDition

I just love minimalism. This is symbolic for me cause I don't let loose & go for what I want-it's scary for me-not even sure why-I have the ideas-I have the know how to start, I know you'll learn what you don't know along the way-but I always limit myself for what ever reason-I try, really I do and seeing some of the bloggers I follow & their infectious enthusiasm gives me hope yet! So thank you to all the sisters who go before me and help carve a path for me!
 Kim's SERIOUS MAGIC-screened@100%
 Florabella's Deep Azure-soft light @35%
 Kim's REVERSE TTV-difference@50%
Happy Snapping!


  1. I enjoy the minimalism, also; it is refreshing and so peaceful. At times I get carried away with too much color and emphasis. Your processing is wonderful and you have a charming Blog. Thank you so much for posting. kareninkenai (Alaska)

  2. Love this Kelly. You are an amazing photographer. I know exactly how you feel. I tend to hold myself back too when it comes to my photography and possibly taking it to the next level. I really need to try and take on some clients and see how it goes.

  3. I love barbed wire images! This is a terrific image with perfectly chosen textures.

  4. I love minimalism too - and this is fantastic! it's odd that the two little barbs don't have a shadow . . . great texture choices. Blogging has helped me to take risks creatively - I've learned so much since last December when I started and most people are very supportive!

  5. kelly, go ahead...let loose! you only live once. i feel like i have been scared my whole life, but NO MORE. if i can have my very first art show (this weekend) then who knows after that? bigger and better....at least moving forward.

    love your image and the contrast between the harsh knotted barb with the softer shadowey one underneath.


  6. Well, your minimal approach really grabbed my attention...that and the fact it is barbed wire and since I am from Texas, I always am interested in what someone else sees in barbed wire! Fantastic job!

  7. this is such a dramatic visual. love the light and the composition. beautifully done!

  8. Interesting and creative image.

  9. Absolutely Fantastic! I'm a minimalist at heart, but it seem to get lost in attempting to explain myself!

  10. So beautiful, Kelly, great use of textures !
    Just follow that feeling inside, I'm trying too ...
    Lovely wishes,


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