Monday, November 14, 2011

Lost to the J...

Continuing with giving thanks in November...
Even though I lost my shirt & was stuck with the letter J in Scrabble, I'm thankful I was raised playing boardgames with my family & have passed the game playing gene on to my kids! And now that it's dark so early, several times through the week, Frankie & I will sit and play Scrabble. Nerdy? Perhaps to some...Spending precious time together...Priceless! There's always next time babe!!!


  1. If we were neighbors would love to join you for scrabble! Love that game

  2. Not nerdy!!! It's so sweet (and better than zoning out in front of the TV!).

  3. You're going to laugh when you see my post for today. I published it before I even saw this. So funny. :-)

    Love this!

  4. I ♥ that you still play board games!


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