Friday, November 11, 2011


The day wouldn't be complete without a shout out to all the vets who have served our country.
I have two VERY special Vets myself...
That's my dad on the left and my honey of a husband on the right. My dad proudly served 20 years in the Navy & we were lucky he never served on a carrier or was gone for months at a time. We were fortunate to live in some amazing countries. I've lived in Europe, The Philippines, Japan, and a couple of stateside tours thrown  into the mix. We've had our share of doing without but you know what? It made our family very appreciative of what we did have.
Frankie also proudly served 20+ years~1st as a helicopter pilot in the Army then flew F-4's in the U.S.A.F for 8 yrs then continued flying those beautiful birds to finish his 20 in the CA National Guard. Sadly those boys got their toys taken away in a conversion and were made to fly Tankers...that was a sad day but it was flying none the less. (Oh & can I just add how hot he looks in a flightsuit???!!)
Both my Dad and Frankie served with honor, pride and dignity and I  am very proud to be the daughter and wife of such exemplary men. Thank you. And thank you to all our vets. You deserve so much more than what our country has to offer at the moment. You are not forgotten.
Peace, Love & Gratitude,


  1. What a fabulous tribute! Thank you to your dad and husband for all that they have done for our country.

  2. Wonderful shot ..... awesome tribute!
    Well done Sista! xoxo


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