Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Magic at the...

...flip of page
Happy New Year!

There is just something magical about flipping that last page of my calendar from December 31 to January 1st. A new day, a fresh year, a clean slate. Even though technically you get a brand new day~every day to start anew...(which I'm grateful for)... it's that January 1st that gets me. 
The holidays have been over for a week now. That's when the 2nd half of my vacation kicks in. That's the half that's a week after Christmas/Hanukkah & a week before the 2nd semester at work begins. No running around like a maniac, no hurries or last minute mad dashes~just real down time. I'm not big on making resolutions but I decided I will make a concerted effort to create play time every single day...even if it's 10 minutes. I know it's only 3 days into the new year, but it's been fun setting me time aside. My creative side has come out to play and she likes it! I also decided not to choose a guiding word this year. Oddly enough, that word above "possibilities" has popped up several times...sooooo, I'm just gonna file that away someplace close to the surface and see what happens. 
I've had so much fun in the kitchen, finally trying several recipes I've pinned on Pinterest. 
Including this...

...homemade hot cocoa mix. I think it has quickly become a household staple for the rest of winter. At this point, I think Austin is just ready for me to go back to work! He has graciously been my taste tester but like me, when something is so scrumptious, there's a serious lack of self control. 
Except for the 
I promised Austin that I'm done making anything fudgy, pancake-y, or otherwise confectionery and I'm a woman of my word...until spring anyhow (big grin)

One of the gifts I asked my Mr for this year was a replacement ribbon for my vintage typewriter. He indulged me & "together" we replaced it. By together I mean I looked over the Mr.'s shoulder and he got his hands all inky! We took it into the garage and used an air compressor to blow out the dust, oiled the moving parts and I'm happy to report I have a old but new again working typewriter. I have to tell ya though, it takes some major Flexor muscles (I looked that up!) to pound those keys. 
But that clickity clack

Did you ask for something special this year?
I  do hope you'll share.

Happy (clickity clack) snapping!

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  1. Happy new year to you! I love the newness, too!

  2. Happy New Year Kelly. I love your old school typewriter and I can still remember changing ribbons, so yeah, I get the pass off on that task. New Year - always full of possibilities, just on us to make of them what we will.

  3. You don't have to name the word, just tuck it away for possibilities. I never named mine for last year, but still kept it in mind all year. I think I do better if I name it, but that's just me. I gave 12 date days to my husband, one a month for a year. A day I plan and we do something fun together.

    1. I kinda like tucking my word away Sarah. Love the gift you gave your husband.

  4. A working typewriter!!!!! So very cool. Wishing you love and happiness in 2017!!!

    1. I know right? She's a beauty. Thank you Daenel...I wish the same for you and yours.

  5. I bet you need some major muscles just to move the typewriter too. :) I have an old typewriter that sits on the shelf because I can't move it by myself. How exciting that your typewriter works now, so many ways to use it in photographs. I asked for a new camera lens this year...and got it. :) Happy 2017!

    1. Oh yeah on the new lens. What lens did you ask for and get?

  6. What a lovely way to start this new year, Kelly !
    Your images are gorgeous ... oh my, that typewriter is awesome !
    I once had an old typewriter too ... and I gave it away, can you imagine, really regret it now :-(
    Wishing you a most wonderful 2017 !

    1. Oh Sylvia....You need to replace that typewriter...with your dreamy photos....Ooh la la!!! Happy New Year!


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