Thursday, April 28, 2016

Petites Choses...


(Little Things Thursday)

If you know anything about me, you'll know I'm a sucker for anything French. I can't get enough. A few years ago my husband whisked me away to Paris on a surprise 50th birthday.
It was heaven &  everything I ever dreamed about and more.

Personally if I had 1000 photos of the Eiffel Tower, I wouldn't have enough. We stayed in Paris for 4 days and crammed as much as we could in the time we were there. The problem is, I want to go the worse way, not only to be in the Spring (we were there in a Jan.) but I want to drive the country side end to end, visit wineries and flea markets, rent a house so I can shop and cook like the get the idea. 
Several weeks ago, our little Starbucks group was having coffee and one friend has a daughter and future SIL living in Austria. One day they'll have children that will speak German. So, this friend  was showing us an amazing free app on her phone, Duolingo, that was teaching her German. 
When I got home, I download  the app and right away was learning French. I've always wanted to learn a 2nd language & I jokingly asked my husband when I get to be be 100% fluent (the app keeps track of your progress) would he take me back to France. He said yes. AND there's my motivation to learn! So, I'm 3 weeks into practicing 10-20 minutes a day, I'm 6% fluent and here's how a conversation with my DH went:
She: Woo hoo~I'm 6% fluent...only 94% to go.
He: Til what?
She: Til I'm fluent and go back to France.
He: Are you running away with someone?
She: Uhm, said if and when I'm fluent you'd take me back to France.
He: I did?
She: did. Are you still gonna take me?
He: Yeah...I'll take you back.
She: C'est bon!

I'm giving myself at least a year to get comfortable with pronouncing the words with the right accent. I can't comment on the other languages, but learning French on this app is the most fun I've had trying to learn another language. Did I mention it was free? If you download it, let me know how you like it and if you're going to learn French, add me to your friends list and we can motivate each other. 

À plus tard
(until later)

Happy Snapping!

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  1. It is such an awesome structure! Viva la France. Such a place rich in culture.

    1. Rich in history...that I can't get enough of!

  2. I took two years of French in high school and don't remember a thing, so this apps sounds like a better teacher.

    1. I took 3 yet as of Spanish and book language in school is the worse thing you could do to a kid!

  3. Kelly, I love your photos, and your story, AND the app! Two years of French, only remember some fun basic words, and now and then I look up reverse translation if I want to say something to a French friend. I'm giving this app a try. Such a great motivator for you to get back to France....I'd never come back!! LOL

  4. Thank you so much Beverly. Ohhhh....look me up if you are going to use the app!!

  5. I would love to see France! I learned French in high school but forgot most. I have used Duolingo to pick it back up and I think it is a great free app! Bon Voyage!

    1. If you get back to the app-look me up!

  6. That is a great motivation. I absolutely loved the french countryside way more than Paris. I had to learn to love Paris. I can recommend a beautiful little holiday home to rent in the peninsula of Cotentin. I you are interested just email me, I'd be happy to give you the information. I'm cheering you no, what fun.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens (

  7. So proud of you, Kelly! So much to look forward to. I love how you desire to learn and grow. Just adore people who never stop growing. My daughter does duolingo for French as well. Just for fun. Being bilingual is a great gift. I know you'll make it.

    1. Thank you Kim!! How fun that your daughter uses Duolingo too!!


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