Thursday, April 7, 2016

Little Things...


Good morning friends. March pretty much ended with a bang as
the Mr and I spent my spring break in Rome-
I'm in love...

This is the door to our hotel built in the 17th century! It was a family home converted into a very quaint 10 room hotel pretty much within walking distance of famous landmarks.
Oh my, The Colosseum-is just spectacular and had just finished being cleaned by a very generous donor who paid $25 million euros for the restoration.

If you ever plan to go to Rome, "Walks of Italy" have amazing walking tours. The guides are SO knowledgable and fun to listen to.  The groups are small-max.15 people & you'll get a headset to listen to your guide~which is great if you're like me, you can wander around, snap pics and still hear some great history.

For 7 euro, you can get on an elevator at The Alter of our Father and get views like these...

Palatine Hill was my favorite. I could have spent an entire day there exploring.
 Every step was a photo op.

Pompeii is another site that is not to be missed.

The history that is still being unearthed there is unlike anything you'll ever experience. There are homes you are allowed to wander into where you'll see frescos still on the wall, untouched.
Think about it, Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. Pompeii was rediscovered in 1748 and was mostly intact...people, bread in ovens, life like any other day frozen in time. 

Spring was in the air...

It took a week to recover from the jet lag and I think I'm back on track now so I'll slowly be making my way to visit your blogs.
I'm joining Kim over at
for Little Things Thursday.
See you there.
Happy (spring) snapping!


  1. Kelly, these photos are so beautiful. They make me homesick. Isn't Pompeii just fascinating?

  2. Hi Daenel-I lived every moment of this trip-I can't get enough history...and then to be able to touch it and walk on it-it takes the cake!

  3. Did you train it from Rome to Pompeii? I agree, Pompeii is fantastic.

    1. Hi Kathy-no we were on a tour from Walks of Italy-they split us in small groups and took 3 small vans-as we drove down to the Coastal town of Positano.

  4. Oh my dream vacation! Living vicariously through your lens! Thank you, Kelly for sharing! Aloha!

  5. Hi Vicki-wishing it soon for you Vicki xo

  6. Oh Kelly, I had no idea you were in Italy!! What an amazing travel experience, and I simply LOVE your photos and story. These photos are simply stunning! I'm sure you'll be making a photo/journal book. Beautiful!!

    1. Hi Beverly-it was an amazing trip. You can catch more photos on IG-I tucked everyone in my pocket! Arm chair vacation I call it! Thank you for the photo love. Xo

  7. Beautiful photographs, Kelly, and it sounds like it was a wonderful trip!

  8. What an awesome trip, and great photo opportunities!

  9. Looks like you both had a great time in Rome, Kelly !
    I enjoyed your photos ... gorgeous !
    Have a nice week,

  10. Amazing images! What a wonderful trip. I bet you have a zillion images to go through... how fun. :)

  11. Wow - those views. I am still trying to recoup from our trip - seems more a challenge than in the past. These are wonderful.


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