Saturday, July 11, 2015


"my week in review'

I've got a few fun things to celebrate this week-
I guess I'll start with the obvious and say I wasn't quite prepared with the whole idea of recovery from my hysterectomy. Never having surgery before, what did I know? When Dr's say 6-8 week recovery, you better believe it's going to take at least that. Thursday will be 3 weeks so I'm almost, kinda half way there! I'm pretty proud of this 51 year old body and am healing nicely from what I can see. Did I tell you I had a cantaloupe sized fibroid removed? Well, I'm celebrating that thing gone! (funny story in time about "him") I've been in constant pain and misery for over a year as it was growing into my girlie parts, and subsequently all my organs and back nerves were just being smooshed and bamboozled into each other. 
I'm also celebrating the first month in 38 years of not having a period.
 I don't think that one has sunk in yet! this is fun. Twenty20
is a place to enter photo challenges, and sell your photos in a convenient app you download from itunes. I sold two July 4th photos in one day. Believe me, I wont quit my day job~I am just tickled that somebody liked my photos enough to buy them. 

 I am celebrating daily tasks that are tackled and accomplished. They were such no brainers before, and I know they will be again.
I'm happy to be here...with you all.

Linking with Barb today.

Happy (getting back to life) snapping!


  1. I'm so glad to hear your recovery is going smoothly ... slowly but surely wins the race! Many congrats on the sale, Kelly. I'm going to check into that app - very intriguing indeed ... Thank you so much for linking up to Sunday Sundries - I'm so tickled! :)

  2. I don't know if my first post "took" or not.

    I'm happy to read that your recovery is going well. I've had several surgeries -- take it slow. Trust me. And yay for the sales! Your photos are totally swoon worthy.

  3. glad you are recovering...yes, take it easy...I would relish time to be able to just rest and recuperate! and congrats on the sales - always a boost for the ego!

  4. Yeah, I didn't believe the docs either when they told me how long til I'd be back to 'normal' after my hysterectomy. Let's just say I don't like being proven wrong...which I was :(

  5. Yea! on all accounts. Take advantage of this rest period. Sometimes I wish I'd get sick just so I could go through my giant stack of magazines. LOL Just love your coffee bean shots.

  6. Well done on your recuperation - don't rush it. I was in my 30s when they discovered a tumor about that size and stubborn and determined that I was, I was back to work in 4 weeks. Should have taken it slower and let myself heal .

    Well done on selling your photos though I'm not surprised, I am super crazy about the one with this post.

  7. Best of luck on your continued recovery! I'm glad you figured out what was causing your problems and got it fixed. I bet it has been a hard three weeks, but you're even closer to feeling great!


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