Friday, June 6, 2014



Dear Me,
 Let the decompression, early morning house cleaning, room by room purging, plan dinner before 
2 p.m., afternoon playtime, pool dipping, play tourist in your own state, begin! 

Dear Ms Kitty,

Us humans have a saying, it goes like this,
"Don't bite the hand that feeds you." You pissed The Mr. off last night & there is absolutely no reason that you need to hiss and swat at us anymore. Especially when you're the one that lays down to be loved on...What's up with that? You DO NOT want to go toe to toe paw to paw toe to paw with The Mr. He WILL break you of that habit. Consider yourself warned.

Dear Baby Raven,
Could you be any cuter?

Dear D,
I can't imagine what you are going through. I feel so helpless wondering how you are surviving your day, getting through simple tasks and hoping that you are not forgetting to take care of yourself. The one thing that I had a hard time getting past sitting with my mom was that my world seemed to have stopped, like I stepped off a bus and everything around me kept spinning. I was upset and more than a little jealous that everyone else got to go on with their lives. Everything in their world was normal while everything in mine was everything but normal. I'm pretty sure this is normal. I will continue to check in on you everyday. I won't forget about you and the burden you are carrying on your shoulders. 
I'm sending hugs through the universe sis.

Dear Kim Klassen,
Thanks to you I dry all my flowers now :-)
Thank you for your imagination and constant inspiration!

Dear California Chrome,
I'm not into horse racing-But I am hoping you win the Triple Crown tomorrow! There is such excitement in the air for you and your humble beginnings. 
Good Luck

Happy (summer lovin') snapping!


  1. I've been soooo thinking about "D" too. My mind has been taken over.

  2. Such wonderful letters. Gorgeous images too!

  3. I liked your Friday's, by now we know California Chrome didn't win :( I love what you said about the drying of flowers and love the stick figure.

  4. I think there are a lot of us around the world that thank Kim for the inspiration..... Have a wonderful laid back school holiday UK children don't break up until mid July !!!

  5. I was so rooting for California Chrome too. :-(

    I truly enjoyed reading your letters, Kelly.

  6. ♥ Thank you, sweet sister. Your friendship and your love for me just fills me. I am so lucky that you stepped into my life.
    I so love your posts and dang if that dried flower isn't gorgeous!!!!!
    Shame on Ms Kitty!

  7. I just love catching up with you. Keep that summertime feeling going!!


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