Wednesday, May 7, 2014

App happy...


So happy you popped in on this fun new meme that Barb over at keepingwiththetimes hosts.

It's funny, I started with one idea and it kept evolving to something so 180 of what I was going to do-but having an open mind to explore new possibilities is like opening an unexpected present.

For today-

I ran this photo through VSCOcam's LEGACY filter to give it a sort of flat vintage-y feel. VSCO is tricky to me-not every photo can just willy-nilly be used with it. The app adds a very distinct feel to your photos. If you follow them on IG-you'll know what I'm talking about. People are posting some really amazing photos using VASCOcam & I'd love play with it more.

Next, I added one of my favorite quotes using PHONTO. I love this text app. You can cut and paste words from another site, in your choice of...well...I was going to count the fonts...well it got late-but trust me...there is a plethora of fonts from A-Z sure to please you. A recent upgrade added filters to play around with. You can manage the size, the tilt, and the colors of the font-both the background and the actual font with sliders. It's user friendly too.

The last app I used was CLEAR WATERMARK
I was really good at marking my photos then I got busy, lazy and stopped and I really should protect my work. The app takes some getting use to but once mastered-it's really quick & easy & worth looking into. 

On a side note-I always use my i-phone's home camera and not the app's camera when shooting
 unless it's another type of camera app.

I also had to run this photo through Florabella's Honey Haze (which is NOT an app. but should be!) to tone down some of the pink after uploading & viewing the photo. 

Hope this helps and introduces you to something you haven't heard of or have heard of and not quite sure about. 
Not sure if you want to play yet? Just pop over to Barb's with me and check out what other peeps are using.
Happy (app) snapping!

Keeping With The Times


  1. Oh so pretty, Kelly! What a beautiful rose, and it has just the right vintage feel to it. I'm going to check out VSCO, Phonto, and Clear Watermark - I know I should be protecting my work. Thank you so much for joining in with "app" happy wednesday!

  2. so fun to watch and know people's process...i enjoyed reading which apps you used!
    i love vsco and use it almost exclusively (aside from some hipstamatic play).
    and that quote...i love it so.

  3. Beautiful image! Are these phone/tablet apps, or computer apps?

  4. Wonderful! So many apps to choose from, my apps to try list just grew.

  5. Lovely image and processing. I've not heard of VASCOcam before. Will have to check it out. Cheers!

  6. Nice one Kelly, I agree vascocam is good but the filters are not always good for all but really there isn't an app that is so you have to really know what you like and a matter of it happens by chance. Which is always a thrill when it happens. I will check out the feed for this app to how others use it, I know some amazing work on IG for sure. Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. I need to check out that watermark app. I have one that I don't use and usually end up putting one on in PS when I resize for my blog. I loved your earlier version on Instagram but this one is awesome too.

  8. Beautiful Rose! I also have to check out Phonto and Clear watermark, thank you for tips :)

  9. Lovely image and great editing! And that is one of my favorite quotes!! :-D

  10. Love what you did with this and that's the perfect quote for your shot! I have this app and haven't used it much but think I'll go back and give it another try. Like Roxi, I have a watermark app that I don't use but I haven't tried this one so I may give it a shot. So much fun seeing what everyone is using and doing with their photos!

  11. Love this. Great tips too - I'll definitely check out the watermark app. Thank you for sharing. :)

  12. I can doing to have to check out Phonto. I really lack in the fonts department. I should really watermark my stuff, something to work on. Thanks for the insite into these apps.

  13. I always loved this quote, and how pretty this is, Kelly.
    Have a great evening!

  14. So very pretty and the quote is one of my favorite ones too. You seem to understand a lot about enhancing and processing your pictures! I am such an amateur…need to look into that more…when I find the time! Have a lovely weekend!


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