Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In a...


Hello my friends. So much is happening in my life right now. 
If you are following me on IG, you know. For everyone it is in a nutshell.

Let's just say, I've been making a boat load of lemonade! Holy heck. What ever could go wrong, did...What ever I didn't know, I learned. 
What ever strength I needed, I found and by golly, I'm hanging on!

Spent 3 grueling, emotionally exhausting weeks taking care of my mom (who still isn't ANY better)
We placed my dad in a permanent (awesome) facility this past Thursday
Applying for Medicaid is a F****** nightmare (sorry for the expletive) 
Austin did not make it into the Naval Academy (oh...that was a VERY bad day)
My daughter is getting married Friday (happy dance)
I joined theAlzheimer's Association and will be walking for a cure
My husband now makes better meatloaf than me (he kept the house running AND clean while I was away!)
Thank goodness Austin got his driver's license before I had to leave. He HAD to instantly learn to be totally independent (he's 17) -and did amazing!
Parents...PLEASE, PLEASE consider the "what if's" so your children don't have to live this hellish nightmare  my brother and I are going through. 
As things settle down on my end, I'm going to blog about this VERY important subject. I know it's not  easy talking about it...But if you have EVER had to deal with an aging parent that hasn't planned for unfortunate life events, you are dumping a horrible burden into your children's laps. I've made it my mission to be an advocate for this cause. More to come on that.
I have been visiting your blogs...but I will sit and comment in the weeks to come. 
I missed being here with y'all.
Happy (lemonade) Snapping!


  1. Happy to see that you are back home and that there are some really good things in your life, ie wedding, driver's license, meatloaf...but I am sorry to hear that your Mom is not better and that you are facing the burdens of care & decisions. Fortunately my Mom & Dad both made decisions, and I have done the same for my kids. Your a tough one, Kelly girl...I knew you would come out on top!!

  2. You my friend have had a lot of lemons handed to you lately, and I'm thinking you should open a lemonade stand for all that lemonade you've made. I'm going to look forward to your blog posts, I could use some good advice on what to do for when that time comes.

    You have an indestructible spirit, and from experience I know some things just happen because they were supposed to, we just don't know why at the time. And how did I not know your daughter is getting married Friday? Love to you Kelly xo

  3. Well welcome to the Alzheimer's Association fellow member :). So sorry we have this in common with our dads...yet I am glad I have navigated own this path if I my experiences can be of any help to you! As for the Better Hd's is better than mine too, haha.

  4. So happy to see you're back Kelly and I had no doubt you would rise above it all as you are a strong and resilient woman. I look forward to hearing about your crusade to help people understand the importance of preparing for their own future so their kids don't have to be hit with it at the worst possible time!


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