Tuesday, February 26, 2013


...remember me?
Me oh my...
Do you know how I've missed being here? Something had to give & sadly, coming here had to be put on the back burner. I am so mentally pooped in the evenings after the nightly, ritual phone calls to my mom in one hospital, my dad in another, and then venting & catching up on the news with my brother who, between him and his wife, have been doing much of what needs to be done with my parents. It hasn't been all pleasant...but the stars seem to have aligned for me tonight for a chit chat.
Lets see...
since we last met...
I released my last butterfly.

It's a "he"

...and I actually have 2 more critters. Found an egg a few weeks ago, after it hatched, I brought it inside, as it IS winter and all. (wink) Found a caterpillar a few days ago, while killing aphids, and had to bring it in too. Frankie begs me not to look for eggs...I don't listen so well!
I'm not going to get into the whole family issue other than my dad got home Sat. & my mom came home tonight-That's all I'm going to say about that.
My daughter Jamie & her fiance, Brian, finally set a wedding date...April 19th! They are not Fancy Nancy's & they are happily tying the knot at the beautiful S.F. courthouse w/dinner at an Italian restaurant to follow. I'm flying up Mar. 23 for her bridal shower. (happy dance!)
My son, Justin, is on a plane...as we speak, to S. Korea for a one year remote tour at Kunsan AB. I miss him even more-I think it's the distance that separates us.
Austin is just a few short months away from graduating H.S. and we're still waiting on word from the Naval Academy if he has an appointment. He was granted a nomination from our Congressman, Sen. Boxer, and President Obama. That in itself is mind blowing.
(Why does this feel like a holiday letter?) (snickers)
 for the most part, life is good. Every day is a new day and I treat it as such. The saying, 
"This too shall pass" is my mantra...it helps.
Hugs all around my friends...
Happy (until next time) snapping!


  1. I was going to e-mail you to ask about your parents, but you beat me to it with this post. I'll keep them (and you) in my prayers.

    When I get on my blog, I always look at my sidebar to see if you've updated. I was happy to see that you had today (although IG does keep folks connected, doesn't it?). Happy butterfly growing and congrats to your kiddos. I'm sure it's a mixed feeling to see them go off and find success and happiness. Hard to let them go but such a good feeling to see them thrive, and it sounds like yours are doing just that.


  2. Well hey there stranger (although you're not REALLY a stranger dispute to Instagram). Now listen to me, if you make it out to Annapolis and get ANY free time... You must let me know. I can be there in under 3 hours!!!


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