Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday means...

...Scavenger Hunt!
I really had fun with these prompts this week. I like stretching that box a bit to see what comes out of it. I'm really excited about posting. You might want to hop over to Ramblings and Photos
to see some great interpretations. Here are mine:
I posted this shot of our son, Austin the other day over at the Shutter Sisters...but it IS a portrait-& he's so cute!

I'm officially a crazy woman! YES, I made over 75 Lego people. Lego was a HUGE part of Austin's growing up. He'd sit for hours building. Often times I'd sit with him finding the exact piece he'd need among the 10's of thousands of pieces he has...yes-you read that right! I didn't mind as there was something soothing about running my hands through those pieces. Austin's past & my grandchildren's future playtime are tucked away in those plastic bins.

TIME a bottle...jar
You get the idea!

I was taking down my fall decorations & love the east facing light that pours into the house. I hooked up this strand of beads/leaves between the french shutters and took the shot in full light. I wanted that over exposed look...added a texture...viola!

That is my 4 year old niece making a basket!! She's awesome!

Happy Snapping


  1. your action shot is a story-teller.... nice set of pictures.

  2. what a fantastic series - I love your portrait, time, and full of light. and motion too! very nicely done. I hope you have a very happy week.

  3. Yes he is very cute! I love all the watches in the jar..great idea and great shots!

  4. WOW!!! all amazing shots.. I just love all the little Lego men. And how clever to put "Time in a bottle(Jar)... I love it..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. Awesome collection this week! TOTALLY lovin' the "time in a bottle" capture. VERY creative! Haha, my 26 year old Thing #1 would totally be into your lego creations. It was HIS obsession as a kid. HATED stepping on a rogue lego piece laying in the carpet tho. And that motion capture is FANTASTIC. Great job!


  6. The last three are my favorite, so neat!

  7. Nice series. LOVE the motion! Perfection. Also like your take on time. so clever.

  8. Each and every one of these shots is lovely... Really like the leaves against the sky and also the Lego people... HA!

  9. What great shots but the favorite has to be the Lego people. My sons and I played for hours with those little guys! It brought back some great memories.

  10. Your shots are really great!! I love the motion shot :)

  11. Great job Kelly! Love the lego shot. My son is falling hard for those right about now. That's the only thing on his xmas list. :-)

  12. Very creative interpretations for the prompts! My favorites are nostalgia and time. I happen to think you are Not crazy for playing with Legos! My adult son still has all his and I understand he and his buddies have been known to get them out and play now and then....just wish I could be there and play, too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

  13. Great set! I love you full of light!

  14. Love the army of lego wonderful.

  15. Great job - really love your last two shots.

  16. What great shots. My favorite is the one of your fall the light :)

  17. amazing set!!! love the light and motion photography! thanks for stopping by!

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