Thursday, December 1, 2011

December is here...

...Like it or not!
Over at the Shutter Sisters ,
the ONE WORD for December is Savor...       Savor~to appreciate fully; enjoy or relish
Meet our son, Austin. He's 16, a Jr in High School and will be applying to both the A.F. & Naval  Academy in March. He's the youngest of our three & I have been "Savoring" every moment he's home with us before he goes off to school. It's a double edged sword rearing children-excited that you are raising your kids to be viable, self sufficient adults, but sad that they leave because your "job" as mom shifts. I'm trying real hard to wrap my head around that concept...
Happy Snapping


  1. What a handsome son!!!!!!
    Sista, you should be nothing but proud of the way you and Frankie have raised Austin.....he sounds like an incredible kid.

  2. Oh my...being a Mom is such a double edged sword. He looks like such a confident young man!


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