Monday, June 6, 2016

The Traveling...


It's not like there's a shortage of things to do here in So. Cal. I'd certainly have my calendar full if it wasn't for one thing...Traffic. We are plagued with a freeway system that just isn't efficient at moving the 100's of thousands of cars daily coming and going in and out of city. A 20 mile drive can take up to 2hrs. And while us Californians think nothing of driving 40, 50, 60 miles for a day trip, the traffic can be a huge time suck. 
On the other hand, I've got a few years left here in the valley & I think I'd regret not making an attempt to visit some of the amazing places that offer a view into California's history. 

This weekend I drove south to San Gabriel to visit Mission San Gabriel.

I was just smart about it! The mission opened at 9, it's a 45 minute drive, 
left at 8-not too much traffic that early-
 -was home by noon.

Wine was essential at the mission. It was used for church services, at mealtime and as medicine.

There are 21 missions from San Diego up to San Francisco. 
Mission San Gabriel Arcangel is the 4th along El Camino Real (Spanish for The Royal Road)
and was founded on September 8,1771.

I spent 2 hrs roaming the grounds. It was so peaceful and full of beautiful morning light...and much visual interest. Not to mention the history.

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  1. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful place! I'm glad you braved the traffic!

    1. It was totally worth the drive-thanks for popping in Elizabeth

  2. What a gorgeous place! You did a wonderful job capturing it in the morning light. I love all the textures, shapes and architecture. I would say it was well worth the drive. :)

    1. Thank you Michelle for all the photo love.

  3. The traffic would drive me nuts. But oh so good for you to plot it out and make the most of your time. Loved your photos here. We don't have anything like that so I enjoy visiting places through other people's photographs.

    1. The power of blogs and arm chair vacations!! Thanks a million Sarah

  4. Oh, I totally agree you would regret not seeing things in your area. I am glad you are getting out and about.

    I am laughing a little too... so we moved from small-town America last fall. We had more than one stoplight in our town, but rush hour only happen twice a week, during the summer boat months. Now, we are in mid-town America and traffic is crazy here. It takes forever to do life. But, I laugh because it is nothing like LARGE-town America. So, I'll quit complaining and remind myself at least it doesn't take 2 hours to drive what should take 20 minutes.

    Back to your post.... the perspective you took on these shots is really great; not your standard straight on shot. Well done, because it tells more of a story.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens

    1. Hi Lisa-that is a funny story about your traffic! I get more than a little grumpy when I have to sit in it. Thank you for the photo love. Xo


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