Monday, November 30, 2015

Soaking it...

...all in

After a busy week prepping for our annual Thanksgiving feast, I was able to catch my breath and enjoy a few days of just being.
I took my time taking down the fall decor concentrating more on how the colors and textures make me feel inside instead of being a hassle of schlepping everything and making untold number of trips up the stairs.
 I wanted to be reminded of the quiet beauty and purposely slowing down to gear up for the changing of the seasons that is ever so slowly starting to creep into our corner of the world. This was especially important since Hanukkah is literally around the corner~like December 6th right around the corner.

I took time to edit some photos I took earlier this month of the last remaining poms from our little tree. Just soaking in the styling, the props that I adore, the colors, the warm feeling I get when I make the time to do what I enjoy most.

Then there was this...bella Grace. Oh my, for some reason this issue moved me to tears. The photos, the quotes, the stories, and seeing friends  Michelle and Barb grace the pages with their words and pictures. It can be difficult at best living a bella Grace life where selfish behavior among the community is the norm. Yesterday was food for my soul to go out and start my week with love, grace, acceptance and patience.

Happy Snapping,

"We humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing. We worry too much. We don't allow our bodies to heal, and we don't allow our minds and hearts to heal."
Thich Nhat Hanh


  1. Bella Grace...I'm going to have to try to find that! Gorgeous photos my friend. Your still life's are works of art.

  2. Excited to read the new issue, but I have got to finish some other magazines first :)

  3. These photos are so soft and pretty. Like photographic ballet. Does that make sense?

    I've never heard of bella grace before... I'm going to have to check it out.

    Love to you all.

  4. Wonderfulness here, as always! And I received my copy of Bella Grace, too! I love it. I actually bought it as a gift for my daughter...but not until I am done with it:) Aloha

  5. Your styling is beautiful, Kelly and I love how you decided to just soak it all in ... thank you always for your love and support xo

  6. I have yet to open that issue of Bella Grace. Taking time to slow down is so important. It is like you said, food for the soul. Beautiful images, love the poms with the scissors. I am now going to read Bella Grace. :)


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