Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The joys...

...and sadness
of the last day of school. 

I don't like the last day of school. In fact, I don't like the last few weeks of school when the kids art work comes down & fresh new bulletin boards go up for fall. I don't like goodbyes. I don't like knowing that some of those kids that pulled at my heartstrings won't be back next year. 
But I DO love my job and everyday get the privilege of helping those kids that need that extra little push to understand a concept. To see them excel at the tasks that are laid before them. To see their faces light up once they know they've succeeded in assignments once thought too hard. It's amazing...all of it. 
Thankfully, I get to do it all again...next year!
It's Texture Tuesday over @ Kim Klassen cafe 
and I used her gorgeous ROBIN'S EGG texture.
Happy Snapping!


  1. Love the angle on this shot and the texture work :). And SOMEHOW I think those students are darn lucky to have YOU too!

  2. Ahhhh, this is just gorgeous Kelly! I learned something new about you....how fun, and yes lucky them!

  3. Very pretty, soft and nice colors.

  4. Yes, very pretty and romantic.

    Regards, Merike :)

  5. Beautiful shot K!!!!
    Did I read that right????? You are going back to school in September????

    1. Yes D I am but not from the district. They are eliminating my job so PATH is picking up my position. (path is like a PTA)

  6. Oh happy day, I see you are returning to your well-loved job in the fall. And I understand the happy/sad that comes when something you love so much ends. But there will be new challenges and loves in the fall. Gorgeous image, beautifully processed!!

  7. I'm always thrilled to be able to spend the summer with my daughter, but I always fight back tears when the buses roll out on that last day. I wish I could "follow" (just like on our blogs) those students who pull at my heartstrings, so I can be sure they're doing okay in the years to come.

    Yay for PATH! It sounds like they're lucky to have you.


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