Monday, September 12, 2016

Good, Random...


Anytime you find yourself at a museum, especially a modern art museum in downtown LA, it's good, random fun everywhere you look. I continue my day-cations when I can as the school year is well under way, but The Mr. surprised me with a new lens that was on my short list...and what better place to play with a wide angle lens then a museum with lights!

It was high time to visit LACMA and these gorgeous restored Urban Lights. 
I left plenty early and was well rewarded! 

What are the odds, to be that one person in a city of millions that gets to play at such an iconic place all by yourself?

Oh and the lens did not disappoint!

I heard children playing here call it spaghetti but it's really  Jesús Rafael Soto's "Penetrable." It is described as kinetic and op art and is nothing more than 1000's of yellow tubes hanging from metal bars. It's really popular with the kids especially when most art is "hand off" and this is totally interactive.

The La Brea Tar Pits with its bubbly pitch are right next door to LACMA.  Fossils are still being excavated from Pit 91. 
You can walk around the park and watch methane gas escape and make its own "art!" 

I draw the line when "art" becomes...well...a 340 ton boulder that took 11 days for the 105 mile journey to it's final resting place...but does all this make it art? 
Michael Heizer and his "Levitated Mass" thought otherwise and it is a permanent piece for sure. 

I will say it is peculiar standing under something so behemoth knowing full well it's weight and size. 
I had another thought as I happily snapped away. Personally, I love being someplace historic and talking photos where there are as few people as possible~even though people can give the pulse and vibe to a setting. People distract me, from the view. Maybe it's a control thing. I know there are way more times than not when people and their energy are an absolute must in a shot. It's something I think I'll work on and get more creative in shooting.
I'd love to hear your thoughts about people vs. no people in a shot.

Happy Snapping!

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Little Things...



Hello September!

There's a burst of joy, like confetti, that happens inside my brain and trickles down to the tips of my toes when I see September roll around. I know that cooler weather will eventually reveal itself with crisp mornings. There will be warm days but by dusk, the doors and windows will burst open and the evening's fresh air will be allowed to seep into every corner of the house.

Everyone has a favorite season or two...and if we had milder summers, well, she would win hands down. But for me, I adore everything autumn has to offer. It truly energizes my soul with her colors, aromas and flavors that I've waited all year to savor. I know the time to slow down and embrace the inevitable shorter days are soon to follow. This is a time of renewal for me.
And let's not forget that extra hour of sleep is on the horizon! 

I plucked the first two pomegranates off our tree this morning. We haven't had much luck with other fruit trees over the years. We've seen our lemon, peach and plum trees just wither to barren, unproductive woody plants that really hold no other purpose than root support for the tiered  landscape. But our Pom tree is another story. She thrives in the oppressive heat and bears the most delicious, buxom fruit. The jeweled seeds are perfectly tart and juicy~and right now all over my counter and walls as I split them open for todays photos!

Comfort foods like stews and chilis replace salads and Bar-B-Q's. Spices and baked goods will waft through the air. The transition from sandals and shorts to scarves and boots are much anticipated. 
It really is the little things.
How do you welcome the cooler weather?  I hope you'll share.

Happy (almost fall) snapping!

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