Sunday, November 1, 2015



I for one am glad you're here.
 Now that I don't have small children and a million things to do daily, I actually welcome the time change and a chance to slow things down~for the opportunity to be mindful of all that I have to be grateful for....this year especially so.

Now, granted we don't get to experience fall in the traditional sense, but there certainly are gentle reminders that Mother Nature needs her rest and we should take her cues and follow her lead.
I'm patiently waiting for the 90* weather to quietly turn into cooler nights and even chillier mornings. I'm excited to use my oven and bake. We get to eat stews and soups and those stick to your ribs kind of dinners! Oh, and the rain...we get rain this winter from El Nino.

I'll be participating in Gratitude Week Nov. 9-15.
It's a beautiful free offering by Michelle GD and you can read all about it HERE

Hope you'll consider this go at your pace daily practice to slow down and really use your senses to witness what you have to be grateful.

Happy (thankful) snapping


  1. Lovely sentiments and photography. For me, November is a Time to hunker down and regroup.

  2. We have enjoyed a couple of unusually warm fall days, I even got my flip flops out. :) Gratitude week sounds like a great way to open my eyes to all the good in my life...

  3. Call me crazy but I love how brown November is. I find the rustic colors of November so warming. I hope November brings peace to you. I miss our chats and texts. <3

  4. 90 degrees yet! I am so sorry, I really am right where I am meant to be, although it was in the low 70's today.

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  6. Great post, Kelly! Autumn is my fave, and though the colors are fading, we are enjoying these 70 degree days with our 40 degree nights here in New York State. As I write, the soup is on, and the smell of bread from the breadmaker makes all things right with the world! Gonna hop on over to check out Gratitude Week! Aloha!
    And the previous post from UNKNOWN was mine...I am not sure how I came up UNKNOWN, so I deleted it. Anyway, here you are, Sista!

  7. Hello Diane! Hope you are well! Miss you in blogland!


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