Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall is... the air...kinda

Last week, fall snuck in on us here in So. Cal and we were treated to brisk mornings, sunny afternoons and went to bed with the windows open and socks on our feet. Ok, I had the socks on...but in any case it was days & days with no A/C. This week? Back to high 90's...possibly triple digits by the weekend. (insert disgusted emoji) 

But the hot, dry conditions give way to perfect growing conditions for our Pomegranate tree.
It has exploded with so many of these bejeweled beauties, I can't pick them them fast enough. I'm scouring Pinterest for the best vinegars, syrups and other recipes to make.

I LOVE the imperfections. What really fascinates me is how all the universe forces ready these beauties just in time for Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year. Which by the way, for three days I was in a food stupor-going from one dinner to the next with such intoxicating holiday foods. We rounded out the celebration with our own Friday night's dinner of holiday deliciousness! 

World events have been sobering lately and they cause a bit of angst with me. When the concern gets to much, I cook and clean...that's healthy right?!  So you can imagine how spotless the house is and there are new and flavorful dishes to eat too. 

I made this apple cake after being inspired by my son, Austin, who just happened to have apple bourbon. He told me that if I was interested in baking something with it I could~coming from him, that's a HUGE hint! Say no more honey! So I found this 
Ultimate Apple Cake

It could not have been easier. The recipe calls for rum, but I think anything to 
compliment the apples would be just fine. I also added a couple of dashes of Saigon cinnamon to the flour mixture. I have a wonky oven and only need a 40 minute bake.

Oh, and I made a boozy whipped cream for the top. But don't worry, it isn't overpowering.

It's definitely a cake you'd want to share with a girlfriend, or dinner guests...

...or not. I'll leave that entirely up to you! (insert winking emoji)

Happy (apple baking) snapping!

Ultimate Apple Cake
3/4 cup all-purpose flour 
3/4 tsp baking powder 
pinch salt
4 large apples (any kind you like, mix & match)
2 large eggs
3/4 cup sugar
3TBS rum 
(or apple schnapps, or Calvados, or apple bourbon whiskey)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter, melted & cooled

Heat the oven to 350 F*.
 Butter a 8-inch springform pan with butter, set aside.
Peel and core the apples, cut them roughly in 1 inch chunks. Reserve in medium sized bowl.
In a small bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, and salt. In a large bowl, beat the eggs with a whisker until frothy add the sugar and whisk until smooth. Add the rum, vanilla extract and mix well. Add half of the flour mixture, mix until fully incorporated, pour half of the butter and whisk to combine. Repeat with the rest of the flour then the rest of the butter.
Pour the thick batter over the apples, use a silicone or plastic spatula to mix them gently, trying to cover each piece with some of the batter. The mixture will seem too thick and you'll be tempted to use less apples...Don't do it! Trust the recipe! Pour the mixture into the prepared pan. Use a fork to level the apples as much as possible, but don't worry to much about it.
Bake for 50-60 minutes, until golden and a cake tester comes out clean when inserted at the center of the cake. Remove the pan to a rack and let cool for 5 minutes before opening the sides.

Boozy Whipped Cream
1 cup chilled heavy cream
2 tablespoons bourbon
2 teaspoons sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla 

Chill missing bowl 10-15 minutes, 
Have all ingredients pre-measured
Beat cream, bourbon, sugar, and vanilla in a bowl with an electric mixer just until stiff peaks form.


  1. Replies
    1. They really are Tamar-wish we lived closer so I could share my bounty with you :-)

  2. You make the best food. Fall is not here at the moment, a whole week of HOT! But tomorrow hopefully...

    1. I need more neighbors like you to share all this with!! Hope fall found you!

  3. Your images....I'm swooning! That cake sounds marvelous! I may give it a go, but with almond flour. Have to figure out the exchanges! I make homemade whipped cream often. We simply put on berries for a sweet treat!
    We've been getting nice breezes thanks to Maria! Gusts yesterday were crazy! But didn't keep me from my back porch! Seems it's turned into my office! Let it's a covered porch!

    1. Hi Karen! I hope you do give the cake a's super easy. I'm gluten free too and i've promised to try more gf cakes...hopefully like this. Glad you stopped by.

  4. This looks yummy, Kelly!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe here.

  5. I love apples......but for some reason I don't like apple pie (and I used to, go figure).....but this apple cake sounds like something that I just might have to try.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. That apple cake looks so delicious, Kelly !
    And your pictures are gorgeous, all so beautifully captured ...
    I'm in love with that background, it makes a beautiful presentation !
    Thanks for the recipe !
    Enjoy your weekend,

    1. Hi Sylvia, sorry I'm not good at converting...Maybe when I retire I'll start with smaller recipes for my across the pond friends :-) So happy you stopped in.

  7. Sooooo delicious looking. Those poems are beautiful. I used to cook them with my meat (chicken and beef). With a little sugar.

  8. Those pomegranates are beautiful! We are feeling fall temperatures here in Ohio. Even though I hate to see the cooler weather, I enjoy wearing sweaters I haven't seen since spring. It is like having a new wardrobe. Your apple cake looks delicious and I think the Boozy Whip Cream would go with more than just the apple cake. :)


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