Sunday, March 9, 2014

Signs, signs...

...everywhere there's signs

Frankie and I spent the day in the city with family so I didn't sit down to go through the blogs I follow until 27 minutes ago! When I navigated over to Kathy's SONG-OGRAPHY I knew exactly what signs I wanted to pun intended!

One of my all time favorite signs is in NY...

Honestly, they're everywhere and they totally crack me up.

My 2nd all time favorite signs were from our trip to Israel. 
(best family vacation ever)

Yup, when we driving through the mountains in Northern Israel there are beautiful fields...but you can't play in these fields...nope. I found the signs amusing but at the same time having no real concept of living with possible live mines.

I don't know about you, but when I go to any hotel, I always look for the nearest fire escape route. In Israel, you also need to look for the closest in bomb shelter. YUP. Every building in the country is required to have one. I was a little nervous at first seeing this but then I calmed down and I felt 99% sure we wouldn't  have to actually go in one. Then I felt better knowing that if anything would actually happen-we'd be safe. 
It's just a normal way of life for the citizens. 

Driving through the Negev Desert, I made Frankie pull over so I cold snap this.
 It's just something you don't see everyday!

Now, I'm off to see other cool signs!
Happy (no trespassing) snapping!


  1. Very interesting series of signs, and certainly not ones you'd see every day!

  2. These are all so unique! Love seeing signs from around the world!

  3. Favorite - Camel Crossing. Now I wish I still had (off the disconnected broken hard drive) my shots of the Maryland Antelope/Deer/Bear at play signs - every time we pass one (which in earnest says "Caution" and then pictures an over-sized deer (hence "Antelope") and bear) - we all chorus together "antelope, deer and bears - Oh My!" ... maybe you have to be there. In WV and this region the animal signs run the gamut.

  4. I love signs... These are really cool.

  5. One of the things I do love about travelling ARE the signs I see. London, in particular, the signs always seem to be worded so "politely", haha. I had never heard of "speed humps" before until I was in California (we call them speed BUMPS). But maybe that camel sign is just another version of "speed humps", haha. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography Kelly!

  6. Love your choice of signs, especially the ones from Israel. I can only imagine how to feel with the quite real threat of bombs - sigh. But that NYC sign - you really do see it everywhere. And not only in the city, so better keep on walking ;)

  7. Yup, that's definitely a New York sign! :-)

    I love the signs from Israel, Kelly, but like you cannot conceive of what it must be like to live with these signs on a daily basis.

    Happy day to you!

  8. Such neat signs! That first one totally cracks me up. If I ever get to go to NY I'll be on the lookout for those signs!

  9. So unusual -- and not something I will likely ever see. Very cool Kelly!


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