Tuesday, August 23, 2011


...I had one, yesterday! Yup...I was a bit of an emotional sap yesterday. Austin turned 16, my daughter turned 25 on the 19th & don't even get me started on my oldest who's birthday is in January! But anyway, I was all excited (still am) about this new photography path I'm on-but I haven't been totally 100% happy with my work-(are we ever?) I thought, how difficult can it be going from a self portrait artist-to everything else? Hah....boy...that's when my revelation hit me. I have the opposite camera view from a lot of people. I got SO use to being in front of the camera, that being behind it is something really quite new to me. It sounds odd I know. I blame it on being a slow learner & those "aha" moments take a bit longer. But yippee when they do! Understanding the problem is 1/2 the battle! So why I pick myself up & dust off the "boo hoo me" blues...I thought I'd share a few of my personal favorite selfies so maybe you'll understand a little bit more of what I'm going through:
Courtney, over at Click it Up a Notch, is talking about  negative space. I love it & how it can emote  emotions. This was towards the end of my self portrait 365. I was ambivalent to say the least-even though I knew I didn't have the strength to do another one. I equated it to giving up your child that you've cared & nurtured for-  and then all of sudden-poof-it's over, done, gone, no more....Now what?
A friend of mine just lost her husband unexpectedly right before school let out for the summer-they have 10 year old twins. This was my way of expressing my sadness. It's entitled, 
          "I Cried A Tear For You"

I LOVE Make believe...
(it started with Stella, my alter ego!)


...and wigs!

And let's not forget peace! I love peace!
So you see, I've been way more comfortable in front of the camera than behind it.
But I'm here to learn, for as long as it takes & i'm going to put forth my best effort.
Thanks for sticking around!
Happy Snapping


  1. I remember most of these great work! It's funny how you do get used to being in front of the camera

  2. Mwah to you Sistah ..... i've missed these shots .... you are so dang talented and so commanding in front of the lens and behind it. So, snap away my lovely friend .... xo

  3. you are beautiful...in front of and from behind. wait...that sounds funny...

    "i cried a tear for you" is incredibly touching.

    my eldest turns 29 TODAY....holy moly...how can that be?


  4. DUDE!!!! Have you seen some of your non selfie shots? I have, and they ROCK! Stop being so hard on yourself. Yes, we all want to do better but seriously, you are already off to an AMAZING start! xoxo

  5. Hey little sister,
    I've missed your beautiful face.
    BUT seriously you are such an amazingly talented photographer that all your images are stunning. Hugs and I miss you!

  6. These are simply stunning, but your other photos are gorgeous and amazing too. Love the negative space and light in the first shot.
    You're so beautiful!

  7. Start your deviantArt.com site. You have talent...get noticed and maybe make some $$

  8. Thanks for popping in guys and gals!

  9. Yes, I'm with David on this. It has been awhile since I stopped in to your blog. I remember "Stella" and your posts. Awesome pics! Keep sharing. You have grown as an artist in the past year. I loved your pics before and I love them now...keep shooting!!!


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