Friday, January 2, 2015

Finding inspiration...

...when you weren't even looking

I love it when I'm minding my own business & inspiration hits me. This post was completely made possible because of Austin's girlfriend, Amanda. She was knitting on the couch, minding her own business while she & Austin were plowing through Harry Potter movies on New Year's Eve. I'm not a knitter but couldn't get over how pretty the yarn was.
That's all it took.
 The next day, I was laying on the couch trying to take a nap, cause lets face it, I hate staying up past 10 and omg I stayed up to midnight the night before!
I just kept envisioning the yarn and needles and a vignette grew in my head. 
Amanda was sweet enough to indulge me, and left her knitting goodies with me. This morning, I went to Joannes as soon as they opened, bought yarn and BOOYA...25% off! I knew I wanted a wooden bowl & really wasn't in the mood to hunt for one or even spend money on one. I went 'house hunting' in my head as I was driving home and already had the perfect bowl the whole time. It's one I brought  back from Costa Rica years ago.
 My visions included trying low lights, something I'm not familiar with or even comfortable doing. But I figured it's a new year, try something I'm telling myself there's no right or wrong...just do it.
So I did.

Truth be told...I also found & had to buy the scissors too. They're just too adorable and I've pretty much determined my passion lies in still life photography, so fun props are an absolute must. If my memory serves me right, my mom had a pair like this & I'm going to ask my SIL if by any chance they're still in my mom's sewing kit. That would an amazing find.

On a completely different subject, there's something about the words CARTE POSTALE that I adore.  And just in case you didn't know, useless fact #14 about me... I love anything French!
I'm playing over at Kim Klassen's sharing what I've found.
I hope inspiration finds all of you in 2015 whether looking for it or not.
Happy (creative) snapping!

Kim Klassen dot com


  1. Yes, unexpected inspiration is the best! Yarn balls are just so dang pretty! and those scissors - beauty! hmmm - I need to go hunting in my own basement through my mom's sewing basket ...

  2. Mmmm!!! I want to put my hands through the monitor and touch your yarn!!!! And I love the addition of the post cards!!

  3. Being a knitter, I am loving these photographs. I have a pair of scissors just like that and I am sorry to say I have never thought of using them as a prop; I will definitely use them in the future...

  4. That's the spark that starts the entire process running and it doesn't let go until the post is up...your spark of yarn led to many lovely photo's here...

  5. Beautiful. Love the creativity and the way you let it flutter in your head. And yay for Amanda being a creativity enabler.

  6. Don't you just love when that happens? I intended to knit or crochet some fingerless gloves this winter but I found a cool pair and bought them. Great photos!

  7. You ARE the queen of still life photography!

  8. Love your photos, Kelly, all so beautifully captured !
    I used to knit a lot ... :-)
    And I love vintage post cards too !
    Have a nice weekend,

  9. I would be lost were it not for unexpected inspiration - like when I came across a mini glass mug while moving things around in top cabinet --- perfect for my Christmas eggnog and peppermint on a picture frame I bought as a BOGO still life. Viola!

    Love your finds and bravo on the low light, really sets the mood.

  10. Unexpected inspiration is the best .....
    Lovin' your photos and your talent!!!!

  11. Looks like I am going to have to make a trip to Joanne's...I don't knit either, but yarn and those cute scissors make a special vignette!! Love it!

  12. I am useless with needles. My grandma tried to teach me once, but no success. Lovely photos.

  13. That is something I would really love to learn, but I have no clue. I can crotchet a single stitch and that's about the extent of it. Love this vignette and that last image is my favorite!


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