Monday, July 1, 2013

LIfe is NOT...

...a 30 minute t.v. show
Well we are over 1/2 way through 2013 and I for one will be very glad to say Adios, ta-ta, and get lost! I find something curious, ironic actually. The word I chose this year was that a kick in the pants, or, better yet, a sign of the times that were/are yet to come? 
You see, MY idea was to do and try new things this year-but I think the universe had its OWN idea for me & my word... actually LIVE through this year. Yup, the very fact that I am living through this year of total chaos & life altering events is by sheer grit & determination(& a whole lotta love from all over the planet.)
 Yesterday, we were hit with another blow, but before I sat down to write this I wanted to make sure there was an outcome and not just post as a Debbie Downer (and if your name is Debbie, I apologize) 
My brother, David, who just turned 47, suffered a mild heart attack. Oh my gosh. I can't even tell you how my world spun off it's axis & out of control at the very thought of this. For reasons I won't go into now, he & I have only recently come together in light of our mother's life events~Kind of like an EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND episode...only it took 20+ years & and not 30 minutes to conclude.
 Ok, Maybe Raymond was a bad example, but you catch my drift.

I couldn't lose him now.
 He wasn't feeling well on Monday. My SIL & I suggested an aspirin regimen. That was such a smart move. We are so grateful that it was just one clogged artery & a stent was put in and his outlook is good (can you hear my sigh of relief?)
Yup, LIVED through another crises.
 I have 5 more 2013 months to LIVE through...
It's got ME wondering...
Happy (hug your family real tight) snapping!


  1. Kelly, I came over from Instagram to read your blog post. Not sure of why it's taken me so long to figure out that you have a blog I should be reading :(

    I'm SO happy that things are gonna be okay with your brother, that your relationship with him has gotten to where it is, and that you're living through and in the midst of everything going on. I think God has some pretty neat plans for you, and there will be a time when you look back on this time in your life and it will be a blip compared to all he has for you. Hang in there! You've got a lot of people praying for you :)

    (Jill - blissfulsoul111 on IG)

    1. Hi Jill!!! Thanks for stopping by. I really do appreciate all your love and support. :-)

  2. Must have been very frightening for him. Glad to hear he is doing well today. xox

  3. A huge sigh of relief!!!!
    I went through the same experience with my oldest sister about 5 years ago ... she had a mild heart attack .... angiogram showed blockage ... they put a stent in. She is doing wonderfully today. I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't survived.
    So happy that your brother will pull through. And lucky him for having your love to help him. Mwah! ♥

  4. I wouldn't want my daughter to know this (she's an only child), but siblings are so special in our lives. I don't know what I would do without mine.... So, I'm glad that your brother is doing better and now has a mended heart.

    Those words for the year can be cantankerous sometimes!

  5. Thinking of you and your brother..........the thought of something happening to my brother sends me reeling. We are pretty much all we have left in our family! Take care of yourself during this too!

  6. So glad to read that your brother is recovering nicely. You have had a challenging year my friend. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

  7. Kelly - I'm back-tracking through all the blogs and posts I missed while out playing. I'm sorry to read about your brother and hope he is recuperating well. My husband had a heart-attack the day after his 50th birthday. As luck would have it (ironic I would use heart-attack and luck in the same story) - but as luck would have it, he happened to be in a doctor's office in a major hospital getting ready to depose the doctor when it happened. It saved his life. Since the attack he has not ventured off the beaten path of a healthier life and as a family we've made more effort to DO things and not just talk about it. As Carol mentioned in her response "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." - if only it didn't have to come in the form of electric stock therapy, right?! Take care of yourself as well.


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