Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Have a cuppa...


*Over at Beyond Layers, we're looking for cups. Who doesn't love 'em? If you are anything like me, you have your favorite & whatever you are drinking from it, certainly tastes better than if it was in any other cup! Frankie thinks I'm a little screwy for thinking that, but I know YOU know what I'm talking about!

*Move over Starbucks...My heart belongs to Aroma Espresso Bar which we discovered in Israel a few years ago. It's impossible to get a bad cup of coffee anywhere in Israel, I crave this coffee to this day...arguably the best coffee around! There are several locations in N.Y. but none here in L.A. (so sad) This is called kaffei hafukh (cafe ha-fook) which literally means "upside-down coffee". At Starbucks it's cafe latte. But it's that little piece of chocolate that Aroma serves to drop in your cup. Let me tell you, I'd drive 50 miles for this coffee!

It's also

*Thought I'd play along. These are pink hydrangeas that grow naturally in my front yard. How cool is that? I used Kim's "Little Things" texture. I think the summer heat is finally here. It still cools off in the evenings and on into the morning. 
How are you spending your summer?
Happy Snapping!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A wing...

...and a prayer

*We received some welcomed relief today about my mom. One hurdle down...still one to go.
 I appreciate all of your good thoughts and wishes during this time. It really means the world to me. 
I can't believe it, but I think I'm at a loss for words...
Thank you
Happy Snapping!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The joys...

...and sadness
of the last day of school. 

I don't like the last day of school. In fact, I don't like the last few weeks of school when the kids art work comes down & fresh new bulletin boards go up for fall. I don't like goodbyes. I don't like knowing that some of those kids that pulled at my heartstrings won't be back next year. 
But I DO love my job and everyday get the privilege of helping those kids that need that extra little push to understand a concept. To see them excel at the tasks that are laid before them. To see their faces light up once they know they've succeeded in assignments once thought too hard. It's amazing...all of it. 
Thankfully, I get to do it all again...next year!
It's Texture Tuesday over @ Kim Klassen cafe 
and I used her gorgeous ROBIN'S EGG texture.
Happy Snapping!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I think about...

...while doing the dishes

*It can be dangerous up in my head!
Hello friends. 
1st off, thank you for your visits and kind words during my absence. It's been a rough period & I'm  not so sure it's over yet, so this idea of the chess queen surprised me as it's actually the 1st burst of inspiration I've had in 3 weeks & yes it came while doing the dishes. Truth be told, I get a lot of ideas doing things totally unrelated to photography. This particular photo symbolizes the matriarch of our family which happens to be mom. She suddenly took ill & it literally knocked the life out of me. I would be here forever & a day trying to even come close to tell you what my mom means to me. 
I know it helps some of you to document life, the good & the bad, I tried but it was useless. I tend to retreat until I feel the time is right. Today happens to be that day. 
Happy Snapping
P.S. I am on Instagram...it's so much easier on some days...

Thursday, June 7, 2012


...and curve balls

*Hello friends. Yes, life threw me a curve ball. Two things about those buggers...
1-You're NEVER expecting them, (hence the curve!)
2-Everything falls by the wayside. Everyday life is all of a sudden halted. You are forced to re-evaluate everything that is sacred and important. Simple things, like picking up your camera just don't have the same meaning as before the curve ball. But on this particular day...the day I got whacked, I was outside taking a breather. There she was, my sign of hope, just hanging on to who knows what. It might as well have been a side of a mountain for this creature. I couldn't let the moment go. I needed to record it for my sanity. For proof that everything will be ok. I am the forever optimist and even though there are going to be tough roads ahead, I know I will hang on, move on and not let a curve ball get the best of me.
Happy Snapping